All Growed Up is the 11th episode of the third season of "Reba." It aired on January 9, 2004.


When Van announces to the family that he's quitting school to try out for Arena football, the family gets excited that this may be his chance to play professionally.

However, a protective Reba lets Van know she thinks quitting school is a huge mistake. A nervous Van ends up not going to the tryout. When Reba finds out she tries to get him a second chance. Meanwhile, Cheyenne passes her dentistry test with a B+.



  • The scene in the season 4, 5 and 6 theme song where Van announces he's quitting school and smiles is from this episode.
  • The scene in the season 4, 5 and 6 theme song where Reba is about to eat something, when Brock says he blames Reba for Van not making the team & she freezes is from this episode.


Barbra Jean: Brock, this is big. Cheyenne has put her heart in this dream of hers (dentistry). I remember when they told me I wasn't perky enough to be on "The Price is Right." Someday, Bob Barker.
Kyra (to Jake): You know, I taught Cheyenne how to read, too.
Cheyenne: You know what I taught you? SHUT UP, KYRA!
Van (after he slides down the steps): Guess what everybody, I'm quitting school!
Reba (to Cheyenne): I want you to divorce him.
Cheyenne (about Van): He has got to make the team. I've already imagined how awesome our lives will be. I can't go back to how things were before!
Reba: You mean this morning?
Cheyenne: Yeah.
Van: All I'm saying is college is filled with people who thought they would get somewhere by going to college. And where are they? COLLEGE!
Van (after learning Reba talked to his coach): Wait, you went down there and asked my coach to give me another tryout? AW, MAN, NOW HE'S GONNA THINK I'M A MAMMA'S BOY... IN LAW!
Cheyenne: You know, now that I think about it, I did feel a little more nervous. (to Reba) You might've cost me an "A"!
Cheyenne (after making everyone believe she failed her test): GOTCHA! I GOT A "B+"! THAT'S A "B" WITH A PLUS AFTER IT! ALMOST AN "A"!

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