Bret is one of Jake's many friend's from his childhood whom he invited to Van and Cheyenne's wedding in the Pilot.

Kyra with Bret (middle) and Jake


Bret's first seen entering the kitchen with Jake and Kyra, as Kyra announces that the first guests have arrived to Van and Cheyeene's wedding. Reba told Jake that Bret couldn't come to the house and play. Jake says that she told him he could come over, leaving Reba confused about her promise. Bret says his mom told him to tell to the household that he throws up if he eats olives. Reba says not to eat any olives. Jake reveals that he already ate olives and had probably thrown up earlier, much to Van and Cheyenne's disgust. Reba tells Kyra and Jake to call his mom, get a bucket and follow him around until the wedding ceremony.

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