Buzzard BookerEdit

Buzzard Booker


Barbra Jean Hart (Sister), Brock Hart (Brother in Law), Big Daddy (Father), Big Momma (Mother), Henry Hart (Nephew), Cheyenne Montgomery (Neice In-Law), Van Montgoemry (Nephew in-law), Kyra Hart (neice in-law}, Jake Hart (Nephew in-law), Elizabeth Montgomery (Neice in-law), Unborn Son (nephew in-law), Trent (Brother in-law), Katie Ann (Sister).
Potrayed By
Bryan Callen

Buzzard is Barbra Jean Hart's older brother whom extremely disprove of Brock, a trait he shared with his father. He is thought to be a crazy person by everybody except Barbra Jean and eventually Reba Hart, Van Montgomery, Cheyenne Montgomery, and Jake Hart. Brock is deathly afraid of him as seen when Buzzards enters a room, he shrieks and runs, this originates from two things, one is when, according to Brock; Buzzard picked him up and threw him into a lake that was freezing cold, Buzzard later states that his Grandma dared him to and that he had no choice, and second that while Brock was sleeping. Buzzard shaved off one of Brock's eyebrows, Brock says that Buzzard keeps it in his wallet. He made fast friends with Cheyenne when he mentions that he is an alcoholic, and with Van when he mentions how much he loves "Underdog", and gives good advice to Jake about stealing. He ends up being good friends and even considered family by Reba by the end of the episode.Once Brock gave him a guitar for Christmas. He lit it on fire while he was holding it.

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