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Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery


Reba Hart (mother)

Brock Hart (Father)

Barbra Jean Hart (Step-mother)

J.V. McKinney (Grandfather)

Helen McKinney (Grandmother)

Kyra Hart (Sister)

Jake Hart (Brother)

Henry Hart (Half-Brother)
Elizabeth Montgomery (daughter) Unborn boy (son)
Potrayed by
Joanna Garcia
Van Montgomery (2001-present)
May 7th, 1984
23 (End of Series)
Cheyenne Montgomery (nee Hart) (Born: 1984) is a fictional character in the television series Reba.

Cheyenne Montgomery


Brock and Reba's oldest daughter, who initially is looking forward to her senior year of high school before learning that she is pregnant. She marries her boyfriend, Van Montgomery, and they move in with Cheyenne's mom, Reba. Cheyenne gives birth to their daughter, Elizabeth, after going into labor on graduation day. She is very intelligent and can be somewhat self-centered, but she can also be thoughtful and kind-hearted. She is very sensitive, especially when she is insulted (mainly by Kyra, her younger sister). Her work ethic and sense of responsibility improves as she raises her daughter and studies dentistry in college. Cheyenne later helps out at a homeless shelter, improving her shallowness greatly. When she comes to the realization that she is an alcoholic, she's inspired to discontinue doing dentistry for her major, and, instead of that, decides to study counseling for those affected by alcohol and drugs. She likes to mess with Van's head.


  • She smoked marijuana at Cheerleader Camp
  • She can be considered an airhead.
  • She snores loudly
  • She is shown to be volatile as seen in Bullets Over Brock when she yells at Van and tells him to stop yelling. This also makes her a hypocrite.
  • Cheyenne tends to use the swears "damn" and "hell", especially when she is angry at Van or someone else.
  • When Van tells her she is turning into her mother Reba she denies it but then realizes its true and says "Crap" like her mother does.
  • She thought Las Vegas was in Utah.
  • She thought tobacco was a vegetable.
  • It was announced on "Pilot" that Cheyenne had Sexual Intercourse with her boyfriend Van.
  • Cheyenne went into labor when just when she was being called to get her diploma at her high school graduation.
  • She attend Westchester High School in season 1.



Dentistry was her initial major for college due to persuasion from Brock, Reba became extremely worried about this career choice when she mispronounced it "Dentisting".

Volunteer WorkEdit

After taking care of Ruby and her family in the episode No Good Deed, Cheyenne wanted to take up volunteer work, she started working at a soup kitchen cleaning dishes, she eventually started volunteering at a retirement home.

Drug and Alcohol CounselorEdit

After she realized that she was an alchoholic, she wanted to become a drug and alcohol counselor


Van MontgomeryEdit

Cheyenne married Van in their senior year because she was pregnant. Their marriage is occasionally rocky but very loving.


Michael appears in Flowers for Van. Michael is one of Elizabeth Montgomery's friend's father whom likes Cheyenne Montgomery, which makes her husband, Van Montgomery extremely jealous. He has had a picnic with Cheyenne with champagne.


  • "Ya wanna know how he knew I was the one Noreen?!, When he asked me to homecoming and i said okay but don't forget to buy a corsage and some diapers 'cause ya knocked me up!"
  • "Alright guys, my special pre-race meal is almost ready, I just have to wait until the meat stops boiling".
  • "Shut up, Van"
  • "Shut up, Kyra."
  • "Shut up, Jake."
  • "I'm not a cheerleader, i'm on drill team!"
  • "Mom, is that what you're wearing?"
  • "I'm gonna kill you!"
  • "Van do you hear what I'm saying stop yelling. (Yelling at the top of her voice.)

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