Dan Montgomery
Van Montgomery (Son), Elizabeth Montgomery (Granddaughter) Unborn Son (Grandson), Cheyenne Montgomery (Daughter In-Law)
Potrayed By
Mark Tymchyshyn

Dan MontgomeryEdit


Dan (right) Sue, and Cheyenne

Dan Montgomery is Van Montgomery's dissaproving father whom dislikes Cheyenne Montgomery and wishes Van would dump her and come home. Dan is a very controlling father, as seen in Tea and Antipathy, which is the reason Van was so respectful to him. After he tells Reba she has no morales, Van finally has the guts to stand up to him. Not only does he defend Reba, but he tells his father that his whole life he's been nothing but a bully. He gives him the keys back to the new truck he gave him, and he and Reba leave the Montgomery house.

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