Reba is shocked to learn that Barbara Jean is in love with her marrage councilor, Dr. Morgan.


Barbra Jean confesses to Reba that she's attracted to her new marriage therapist. Reba tells her to go talk to him about it. Van and Cheyenne convince Reba to go with Barbra Jean to talk to Dr. Morgan so nothing happens. Barbra Jean gets all giddy while talking to Dr. Morgan and tells him she's attracted to him. Dr. Morgan explains why she's attracted to him and then transfers her and Brock to another therapist. Meanwhile Reba is very attracted to Dr. Morgan also and she asks him out. Cheyenne and Van find out that Reba is going out with Dr. Morgan and tells her to tell Barbra Jean because she is unaware of their date. After much discussion Reba finally goes out on an interesting date with Dr. Morgan (guest-starred by James Denton).



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