This Article is about Brock's mother, for Van Montgomery and Cheyenne Montgomery's child: see Elizabeth Montgomery

Eliza HartEdit

Eliza Hart


John D. Hart (husband, deceased)
Brock Hart (Son), Cheyenne Parks Hart (Granddaughter), Kyra Hart (Granddaughter)Jake Hart Grandson Reverend Parks (Grandson In-Law), Elizabeth Parks ]] (Great Granddaughter), Lori Ann Hart (Daughter In-Law) Reba Collins (Daughter in-Law)
Potrayed By
Jenny O'Hara

Eliza Hart is Brock Hart's mother who used to disapprove of Reba Hart, always making rude comments about how she was dressed or the condition of her house, but when she visited in the episode And the Grammy Goes to... she was shockingly polite and nice to Reba even though she went to lengths to purposely make herself and her house look like a mess so she could get back at her. She revealed to Reba that Brock still loved her but was a misunderstanding.She likes to mess with people like when Van tells her that they named Elizabeth after her she says that her given name wasn't Elizabeth but Eliza since people mostly call her "Liz" it is hard to know, Reverend nervously states that it is Eliza... Beth.

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