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Elizabeth Montgomery


Cheyenne Montgomery (mother)
Van Montgomery (father)
Reba Hart (Grandmother)
Brock Hart (Grandfather)
Kyra Hart (Aunt)
Jake Hart (Uncle)
J.V. McKinney (Great Grandfather)
Helen McKinney (Great Grandmother)
John D. Hart (Great Grandfather)
Potrayed By
Alena & Gabrielle Leberger
Lila Braff

Elizabeth Marie Montgomery is the daughter of Cheyenne Montgomery and Van Montgomery.

Elizabeth MontgomeryEdit

Van and Cheyenne's daughter rarely speaks, although in season 5's 9th episode she said her first line. She will sometimes be shown running around or in a family member's arms.


First WordEdit

  • Van believes that Elizabeth's first word was "Sausages".
  • Kyra jokingly stated that Elizabeth's first word was "Help".



She put Jake's GameBoy in the toilet.

Image GalleryEdit

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