Cheyenne who is feeling strain on her marriage with Van decides to set up a play date for Elizabeth not knowing that the father of this play date believes this new play date means something more. Upon receipt of flowers who Reba and Barbra Jean believe are from this father tell her to send flowers back with a note saying this relationship is over. The father returns the flowers but they end up in Van's hands where he reads the note believing the flowers and note are for him. Meanwhile, Van's addiction of online poker attracts and hooks Reba who ends up talking with a man in the chat room who she is beating badly. They both end up really interested in each other until Reba finds out this man lives across the street and is someone she knows: Brock.


Cheyenne Montgomery begins to "date" Elizabeth Montgomery's friend Mindy's father, which Reba Hart and Barbra Jean Hart have differing opinions on how to stop. Meanwhile, Reba Hart and Brock Hart are unknowingly gambling and flirting with eachother online, elsewhere, Brock gives Van Montgomery advice about women.



  • "Men are thinking one of three things: "I want a woman", "I want a sandwich", or "I Want a woman who can make me a sandwich"". - Brock
  • "Wow, Mr. H, you know a lot about women, you can tell you've been married twice". - Van
  • "I also live in Houstin... and my name is Kevin". - Reba
  • "I'd be "Wookiee Lover", Aaaaaarrrrggggghhhhh"! - Barbra Jean


  • This episode was nominated for an emmy.