Henry Charles Jesus Hart


First Appearance
Labor of Love
Last Appearance
Roll With It
Potrayed By
Alexander McClwellan, Jackson McClellan

Barbra Jean Hart (mother)
Cheyenne Montgomery (half-sister)
Kyra Hart (half-sister)
Jake Hart (half-brother)
John D. Hart (grandfather)
Elizabeth Hart (grandmother)
Big Daddy (grandfather)
Big Momma (grandmother)
Buzzard Kevin Hart (uncle)
Katie Ann (aunt)
Van Montgomery (brother-in-law)
Elizabeth Montgomery (half-niece)

Henry Charles Jesus Hart Edit

Brock and Barbra Jean's son who sometimes displays bad behavior which gives Reba the idea of Barbra Jean's bad parenting.

Henry Charles Jesus Hart is son of Brock and Barbra Jean`s youngest son who sometimes displays bad behavior after when next TV Show (Reba) Brock tell his son Henry that he had a brother Kevin Cooper Hart is Henry`s uncle than He`ll always to be good nephew with Kevin and his mother Barbra Jean wanted Kevin help make sure when Henry behavior with his uncle and tried not kick Reba needed to be good take care of it is for an experience of his childhood past He remember he`d have a uncle

Barbra Jean admits in “Regarding Henry” that she one time lost Henry at the mall. Barbra Jean decides to take Henry and Elizabeth to the zoo, disapproving Reba decides to go with them.