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Van and Cheyenne, who is nearing her due date and having trouble moving around, are excited about their upcoming graduation day. They tell Brock, BJ and Reba they want to be in the delivery room alone because it's about time they take responsibility for things. Reba's hurt but takes the news in stride. Principal Hodges stops by and hands Cheyenne her diploma, assuming Cheyenne is too pregnant to attend the ceremony. It's obvious Principal Hodges just wants to avoid the embarrassment of a pregnant teen at graduation. Cheyenne stands up for herself and says she'll be at the ceremony and hands back the diploma. On the morning of graduation day Kyra notices Cheyenne is acting a little funny. She figures out Cheyenne's in labor but promises not to say anything because Cheyenne is intent on getting her diploma in person. At the ceremony, just as Reba figures out what's going on, Cheyenne is about to walk across the stage. Suddenly the contractions get to be too much so Van carries her across and announces they're having a baby. At the hospital Cheyenne screams for her mother so Reba gets to be in the delivery room. Reba holds her granddaughter for the first time and sings a lullaby.


Cheyenne Montgomery and Van Montgomery's graduation day is here, but Cheyenne goes into labor during the ceremony, they are rushed to the hospital and Elizabeth Montgomery is born



  • This is the first appearance of Elizabeth Montgomery
  • This concludes season one.
  • This is the last appearance of Mrs. Hodge



  • "this is me, gagging on Cheyenne and Van's graduation day". - Kyra Hart
  • "Hey, look at me, i'm Judge Judy". - Van Montgomery

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