Kyra Hart


Reba Hart (mother)
Brock Hart (father)
Barbra Jean Hart (step-mother)
Cheyenne Montgomery (big sister)
Van Montgomery (brother in-law)
Jake Hart (little brother)
Henry Hart (half-brother)
Elizabeth Montgomery (niece)
J.V. McKinney (grandfather)
Helen McKinney (grandmother)
John D. Hart (grandfather)
Liz Hart (grandmother)
Potrayed By
Scarlett Pomers
Kevin Cooper Hart

Kyra Eleanor Hart (Born: 1989) is a fictional character in the television series Reba.


As the middle child, Kyra has the fewest emotional issues of the family. Many of her traits and looks come from Reba, including her sharp wit and knack for sarcasm; although, she's known to be more manipulative and difficult than her mother. Like her mother, she enjoys to be feared by her family. Unlike her two siblings, Kyra is academically intelligent; she's an honor roll student and got invited by her school to study in Europe for the summer at the end of season 2. However, in the sixth and final season, Kyra decided not to go to college and focus on her music. Kyra also likes messing with Van. For Season 5, she was only in two episodes at the start of the season, but did return at the beginning of Season 6. She moved out of Reba's house at the beginning of Season 3 and moved back in during Season 6.


  • "Another Great Idea from the Big Blonde Flake"?
  • "Spell Congeniality".
  • "Carrot sticks...rock and roll!".
  • "No, you shut up."
  • "Whoops! My mistake, I marched into the room marked "lynch mob".
  • "Yeah, Barbra Jean, what are you on?"
  • "Hey! The dipstick pulled the dipstick."
  • "That's a reason not to drink"
  • "If you can tell me what PBS stands for, I'll tell you why I'm watching it."
  • "Now eternal life will be mine." - Who Killed Brock?
  • "No she called you a slut, loser , and teenage baby machine." - Sister Act
  • "Get a hold of yourself, it's from Safeway."



William was a senior high school boy that liked Kyra in the episode "The King and I". He was part of the Westchester High School Chess Club and wanted Kyra to join. He invited Kyra, who was only 14 years old at the time, to the prom, but Kyra refused.


Bryan was Kyra's first love interest in the Season One episode "Don't Know Much About History", which was short-lived when Kyra found out that he liked Melissa Burgh from her music class.


Scott was the 17 year old boy who dated Kyra Hart in the episode The United Front, he was seen by Reba Hart, Barbra Jean Hart and Brock Hart as a "punk". In the episode "Happy Pills", Van and Cheyenne found out that Kyra lashing out at them because Scott broke up with her because she wouldn't have Hankie pankie with him, leaving her devastated, and both Van and Cheyenne comforted her.

Dylan PewittEdit

Dylan was Kyra's boyfriend in the episode Safe Dating, she broke up with him at first because of Reba meddeling in her life and of flirting with Dylan's dad but in reality it was because he was a "huge cry baby".


Chip was Kyra's boyfriend in the Season Four episode "No Boys Upstairs"


In the episode "She's With the Band", Stitch is Kyra's friend, who allows her to stay at his place after she told her parents she's choosing to work on her music over going to college.


  • Kyra is the only child to have inherited Reba's red hair.
  • Although she shows a hatred for Cheyenne in the first three seasons, it is revealed that she won't allow anyone to slander her as seen in Sister Act when she faces expulsion for slugging a girl who called Cheyenne "a slut, a loser and a teenage baby machine."
  • In the season one episode, "Brock's Swan Song", It's revealed that when Reba gave birth to Kyra, their house had no roof at the time, and John D. and Brock had to fix it.
  • In the season three episode, "She Leaving Home, Bye Bye", it's revealed that Reba was in labor for 56 hours before she gave birth to Kyra.
  • In the beginning of the series, Kyra disliked Barbra Jean. However, towards the middle of season 1, she began to get along with her stepmother.
  • Kyra eventually becomes the lead singer in her metal pop-rock band around Seasons 4–6.
  • Kyra's mostly heard singing solo; other times she's quoted by her relatives (mostly Van) that she's amazing when perfoming with her band.
  • Kyra is absent for the majority of season five, which was due to Scarlett Pomers battling anorexia at the time.
  • Kyra has compared Van to Forrest Gump, as hinted in She's Leaving Home Bye Bye, when she gets into an argument with Cheyenne.
  • Mac and cheese wheels was Kyra's favorite when she was 8 years old.

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