Reba Hart gets a job working in Brock Hart's dental office as a receptionist, but when Reba learns that her boss isn't Brock but Barbra Jean Hart whom wants to retire and give her position to Reba, but training makes Reba lose it and she must quit.



  • "Welcome to the Dental offices of Dr. Brock ♫Haaaarrrt♫". - Barbra Jean Hart.
  • "Now i've gotta tell your father that he can take his job and ♫Shooove Iiiit♫".
  • Barbra Jean: "Mr. Richard Bolwork. Buh... buh... Bolwork. Where do you think we should file this one Reba?" Reba: "Right after buh... buh... bite me." Barbra Jean: "Technically yes."
  • "I Didn't work for him I was workin' for... uuuuuugh"!

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