Skating Away is the second episode of the second season of "Reba." It aired on September 27, 2002.


With Cheyenne, Van, and the baby living in student housing, things are finally back to normal and Reba plans to focus more attention on Kyra, who has become distant.

However, her plans suddenly fall short after Van injures himself which causes his scholarship to be suspended and losing his off-campus housing, forcing the Montgomery family back into Reba's home.


  • Reba McEntire as Reba Hart
  • Christopher Rich as Brock Hart
  • JoAnna Garcia as Cheyenne Montgomery
  • Steve Howey as Van Montgomery
  • Scarlett Pomers as Kyra Hart
  • Mitch Holleman as Jake Hart
  • Melissa Peterman as Barbra Jean Hart


  • This episode was taped on August 27, 2002.
  • Melissa Peterman (Barbra Jean) does not appear in this episode.
  • When Van falls from the roof, you can clearly see that the backdrop gets hit and starts to move.


Reba: (to Kyra) We'll skate, we'll play Candyland, we'll go down to the river and shoot rats if you want.
Van (to Reba): Mrs. H., you have to maintain a C- average. Who do you think I am, Albert Weinstein?
Reba: Van, I think you mean Albert Einstein.
Van: No, I mean Albert Weinstein. He was the smart kid in the senior class. (sarcastically) Wow. Einstein!
Reba (to Brock): Why? 'Cause shut up, that's why!