Judy (ex)
Potrayed By
Leslie Jordan

About TerryEdit

Terry first appeared as the winner of a football lessons auction with Van, he originally thought Van was gay and Van thought the same of him, Terry jokingly called Van "Mary".

Terry is a kindhearted man whom was set up with Reba by Barbra Jean, at first Terry had adopted a "cool guy" attitude claiming his wife left him for someone like that, originally Reba isn't fond of Terry but grows fonder when he drops his act.

He also appeared in another episode as a salesman when Van and Kyra went to a jewelry store to pick out a ring for Cheyenne. He mentioned in the football lesson episode that he and his business partner own a jewelry store his ex-wife, Judy, former Miss Houston.



  • He has ex-wife named Judy, former Miss Houston.

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