Barbra Jean Hart believes her home to be haunted and with Brock Hart going away, Barbra Jean only feels safe at Reba Hart's house, much to her dismay. After a "ghost-ridding" ceremony, Reba finds out that after all this time Barbra Jean thinks she stole Brock from her.



  • "Oh Brock, I'm just teasing, I'm not gonna tell Barbra Jean that someone died in your house... unless it slips". - Reba Hart
  • "Oh Barbra Jean, if anybody's gonna punish you, it's me! And I promise you, when I die I will haunt you! Every noise you hear, everytime you trip, every bad hair day, it'll be me!" - Reba Hart
  • "Here Barbra Jean, "Getting Rid Of The Unwanted", i saw it and thought of you". - Reba Hart
  • "(gasps) I've heard that language before! (loudly shouts in tongues)!" What does that mean"? "Go Home"! - Reba Hart and Barbra Jean Hart
  • "I just have one thing to say to you: (shouts loudly in tongues)! - Reba Hart