Jake enters Reba in a school fund-raiser - "Pageant of the Grandmas" – knowing that she is hot and will win. When Barbra Jean hears about it, she wants to enter too. Reba lets her and drops out, only to find that Jake really wanted her to be in it. She decides that she will compete – against Barbra Jean. With some coaching and glamor prepping from Cheyenne and Van, Reba is ready. As the pageant is about to begin the teacher tells the two grandmothers that only one Grandma Hart can enter – leaving the two to decide who will compete.


Jake Hart orginizes a Padgenat for Grandmothers and wants Reba Hart to be in it, but Barbra Jean Hart obligates herself to be better than Reba and get into the padgenat.


  • (Singing) "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy, Yankee Doodle Do or Die! or maybe something more sedate... (Singing) Ave Maria, Gratia De Maria.... Break it Down Mary!" - Barbra Jean
  • "Uh-Oh, did i miss Mary breaking it down?" - Kyra