With Kyra's college fund at heart, Reba partners with Barbara Jean to sell handmade patchwork shirts after Barbara Jean convinces Reba to go into business with her. Meanwhile, Cheyenne is horrified when Van decides to shave his head for a football team ritual.


Since Brock Hart quit dentistry to become a professional golfer, money troubles have forced some cutbacks, such as when Barbra Jean Hart saw Reba Hart's old patchwork gardening shirt, she buys it for $65 and begins to make them with the assistance of Reba. Meanwhile, Van Montgomery tries to convince Cheyenne Montgomery to let him shave his head.



  • "I just wanna be more than "Brock's husband", but i can't even be the crazy lady who makes shirts"! - Barbra Jean Hart
  • "If they liked patchwork, they're gonna love these... Oh god it's so ugly"! - Barbra Jean Hart