Van Montgomery (born:1984) is fictional character in the television series Reba.


Van Montgomery


Daughter: Elizabeth Montgomery Unborn son
Portrayed By
Steve Howey

The star cornerback of his high school's football team, Van is kicked out of the house when his parents find out that he plans to marry his pregnant girlfriend Cheyenne. He moves in with Reba, and his future in professional sports looks bright until an injury from an accident eventually reveals that he has narrowing of the spine. Later in the series he works as a realtor with Reba. Van is portrayed as a big goof and is not good with words, especially when it comes to Cheyenne. Kyra especially loves making fun of him. He is a great dad to his daughter, Elizabeth. It is hinted he will possibly be overprotective of Elizabeth when she starts dating after he found her after she hid somewhere he couldn't find her while playing hide-and-seek. Cheyenne came out to see what was wrong and then said, "Just wait until you start dating". He cares deeply for his in-laws, especially Reba, for taking him in and caring for him in his darkest hours. His relationship with his dad remains strained throughout the series, and they never truly make up.

Relationships Edit


In the episode Cheyenne's Rival, it is revealed that Van had dated Bridget for a short time in high school, Van had even written her a poem asking her to prom, much to the annoyance of Cheyenne.


Kate was a business associate of Van's, after a meeting, Van had left his jacket in her car, she later returned it to Reba's house. Cheyenne saw the jacket and began to think that he may be having an affair.

Quotes Edit

  • (Drunk and in a Spanish accent) "Cheyenne, I need you. I need to come upstairs with me and clean the lamp that I broke." - Where There's Smoke
  • "Look, Cheyenne, I don't wanna fight about whose right and you're wrong." - Money Blues
  • "Rhonda, Rhonda, A car i was so fond-a, I wish I could fix you with a magic... wand-a. Well now, I'll have to rent a Honda" - The Blonde Leading the Blind
  • "Do I look like a doofus to you? Don't answer that." - Locked and Loaded
  • "God does have a sense of humor, look at ostriches!" - She's Leaving Home, Bye Bye
  • "Awwww man, I was dreaming about waffles!" - Help Wanted
  • "I’ll be with my friends, you’ll be with yours. Then we’ll hook up later. It’ll be just like junior year! Except we’re married, you’re pregnant, and everything is different." - The Man and the Moon
  • "Oh! Ha, ha! You’re funny, sweetheart. That’s why I married you – your sense of humor. Oh wait, no. It was the baby." - The Best Lil' Haunted House in Texas
  • "He didn't hurt me...You can't hurt steel." - Core Focus
  • "Cheyenne, I'm having conflicting thoughts, and you know I only like to have one!" - Don't Know Much About History
  • "You can see the curvature of the Earth." - Core Focus
  • "Stupid Google." - Just Business
  • "You ate the cookies off the garage floor. Oh Cheyenne" - Who Killed Brock?
  • "I got one word for you... Letitgo"
  • Hey there loser. loui losersome of loserville loseiana. Hey there winner. winnie winnersome from winnersville, win... - The Great Race
  • What are you quity quitersome quitville quitland." - The Great Race
  • "I'm okay. I'm okay, but I can't say that for Ms. Pac-Man." - Cheyenne's Rival
  • "Mmmm onions." -Someone's at the Gyno with Reba
  • "It adds up to five." - Sweet Child O' Mine.
  • "Well, I think it should be that guy on TV that goes "BAM", but he's not here - Help Wanted.


High School Football PlayerEdit

Van was Westchester High School's star cornerback from prior to the series until It Ain't Over 'Till The Redhead Sings where he graduated.

College Football PlayerEdit

Van played college football for the University of Houston for a brief time.

Arena FootballEdit

Van played Arena football for the Houston team until he was traded to Denver and had to travel until he was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis, a condition that prevented him from playing football.

Cameron RealtyEdit

Van worked at Cameron Realty from Help Wanted until Just Business where he was fired by Reba to pursue a better job that he was reluctant to take.

Norris RealtyEdit

Van worked for Norris Realty from Just Business until the end of the series.

Fat Tony PizzaEdit

Van worked at Fat Tony's Pizzeria in the episode She Works Hard For Their Money, He was originally "Cheese Captain" until Fat Tony's wife left him and he got promoted to delivery, but since he was working to afford half of the new car that Brock gave him and Cheyenne, he needed Reba to drive him.


  • He has a big appetite.
  • He set his house on a small fire in the season finale.
  • He freaked out when he couldn't find Elizabeth during a game of hide-and-seek, this event may cause him to become an overzealous father when Elizabeth is old enough to date.
  • He is smarter than Barbra Jean.
  • He has a weak stomach as shown in the episode Ring-a-Ding when he arrives to Barbra Jean's family reunion and Brock asks him how he's feeling when he and Jake fought over a puke pail.
  • He is scared of small dogs, as mentioned in Who Killed Brock? because when he was a little kid his parents let him watch Cojo on TV, but it was on a nine-inch screen.
  • He is scared of spiders, claiming he's seen a huge man-eating spider.
  • He has a nervous bladder, when he and Cheyenne attempt to steal Reba's list, he constantly has to pee.
  • His favorite superhero is Underdog.
  • His poker screen name is screen name.
  • If an actor played him he would want it to be Denzel Washington.
  • In the episode 'Thanksgiving' it is mentioned that they started their traditional football game his first year in the family when Jake was 2. This would make Van 12 when he became apart of the Hart family.
  • Ever since he was 6-years old he has never brushed his teeth other than Aquafresh.

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