"Where There's Smoke" is the season premiere of the fifth season of Reba and the 95th episode within the series.

Struggling to remain sober, Cheyenne starts smoking, in an effort draw herself away from drinking. Reba doesn't like this one bit, which leads to Cheyenne taking another option: "Booze Away" pills. They make her violently ill if she drinks any alcohol. When Reba throws a party for her real estate clients, Van and Cheyenne go to great lengths to try to stop Reba from drinking after she accidentally takes one of Cheyenne's pills, thinking it is a vitamin. Meanwhile, Brock lectures Kyra and Jake on the dangers of smoking, but that doesn't stop him from secretly lighting up.


After Cheyenne Montgomery finds out she is an alchoholic, she begins to take up another bad habit: smoking, and with a big real-estate party coming up Cheyenne begins to take a pill called "Booze-away", which Reba Hart takes thinking they are vitamins. Reba then becomes sick, but becomes better and Cheyenne tells her the truth about them.



  • This is first of two appearances of Kyra in season 5.